October 25, 2018

It’s almost acorn season again! 
I just finished up the last bit of my acorn flour from last autumn’s harvest on these gluten-free cookies. 

These cookies feature local acorn flour and backyard cherries infused with piñon flavor from piñon pine tree resin from Utah. 

Last year I learned how to infuse piñon pine cones into brown sugar. 
However, I am impatient and I prefer piloncillo to brown sugar which comes in a cone brick form. 
But then I thought...hey, resin disolves in oil soooo...
I added a few small chunks of piñon resin to coconut oil over heat until it melted and then added it to the piloncillo syrup I made. 
30 minutes vs weeks of infusion time. .

These cookies come out with a bit of a crisp exterior with a soft chewy middle like a good molasses spice cookie. 

Recipe below:

2/3 c acorn flour

1/4 c pumpkin seed flour (ground pumpkin seeds) 

1/2 c coconut flour

3/4 c teff flour

1/3-1/2 c of cacao powder depending on your flavor preference

1tsp b...

October 24, 2018

Holy wow! September and October have just flown by filled with lots of travel, harvest season, meeting new people, making new connections, autumn house chores, beginning prep for my annual migration to Baja, foraging and prep of foraged fall foods...and in all of this, making space to remember what is holy. 

You know, the holy things, of taking time to slow down, watch the shifting aspects of the fall light, taste the bounty that is coming in, feel and embrace the ending of one cycle that leads to the beginning of another. 

It's easy in the busyness that is fall to forget the spaces in between. 

This is one of the benefits of growing and harvesting holy basil or tulsi. 

Each year I grow a crop of holy basil for personal teas and to make into the dual extract that goes into the Rise Adaptogenic Elixir. 

Dual extract?


This is the most potent way to reap the benefits of the full spectrum of holy basil's phytonutrient content. 

The fresh plant material is first made into a str...

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