May 19, 2019

Frittata is this amazing creation for its ability to adapt and be so many things. The possibilities are endless. 

One reason I'm such a fan is the choline factor. Choline is found in the egg yolk. It is a nutrient needed to produce acetylcholine in the body and this neurotransmitter is important for brain and nervous system function. It is also related to mood and muscle control. 

If you don't want to geek out on science with me, just skip to the recipe and enjoy. If knowing more about the importance of choline makes you tingle with excitement, read on.

Choline is also related to modulating gene expression. Gene expression is influenced by DNA methylation and choline is important in this function of DNA methylation. I'm not going to get into a big discourse on epigenetics (gene expression) here, but the basic idea is that gene expression can be turned on or off. So if we have genetic predisposition to some condition, we can influence how/if that gets expressed or not expressed by out...

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