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Harvesting nettles in the Colorado San Juan Mountains

turkey tail mushroom
Turkey Tail mushrooms sustainably harvested in Northern California
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Herb talk on adaptogens and bitter herbs for Hello Soul retreats in La Ribera, BCS, Mexico
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Foraging chesnuts in Nevada City
Hi! I'm Abbie and I believe knowing how to heal and maintain ourselves with food and plant medicine is not only a priority, it's a birthright.
We all have to begin somewhere.
Our beginnings have a multiplicity of layers and cycles to them. 
Adaptogenesis is a concept that makes space for each beginning on our journey of vitality and wellbeing and the freedom to shift and adapt within each new beginning. 

Nutrition and yoga have been primary parts of my life since I was a child and I began teaching asana and movement therapy in 2002. As a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, an E-RYT 200, with a BS in Cultural Anthropology and studies in herbal medicine with the East West School of Planetary Herbology, I have a perspective that health and well being are unique experiences to each person and the bioindividuality of each is something which must be recognized.

There is no "one size fits all" when pursuing vitality.

Just like you, I am layered. My practice is informed from the experiences of being a writer, wild crafter, forager, medicine maker, traveler, animal lover, former pastry chef and personal chef who has studied extensively in the culinary arts.  I believe food is medicine and educating people to adapt and heal themselves is not only a priority, but a return to a natural, yet often forgotten state of being.




















Learning yoga, herbal and alternative medicine and nutrition from my mother, Carol, began at the age of 6. I was livid at age 8 when she sent me to Macrobiotic Summer Camp and as of yet, I still haven't quite acquired a taste for yarrow tea, but this early exposure to and experience with botanical medicine and nutritional therapy catalyzed a life long relationship and practice with an array of nutritional methodologies and holistic health approaches including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalism, Functional Nutrition, parasite and candida cleansing, detox, raw and wild foods, vegetarianism and conscious omnivory. From all of my hands on personal experience, studies and training I am able to integrate an understanding that different systems work for different people and this is where I seek to meet YOU, the individual (and your four-leggeds if you have any.)

One day I woke up at 37 and realized I had been on a subtle but steady downhill slide for about 5 years and recalled, with dismay and confusion, having once felt much smarter, more energized and vibrant. Something was off and after being diagnosed with adrenal burnout, I decided that it was from more than just two decades of exuberant rock climbing and skiing in concert with personal stress.


The investigation began and I discovered I was having my very own personal journey with candida, parasites and later, SIBO, all of which were acquired from multiple scenarios throughout my life which compromised my gut flora. A formula fed baby, I missed out on the critical diversity of healthy bacteria a mother transfers to her baby's digestive tract. Later at the age of two, antibiotics were administered for pneumonia and much later in life I had to take antibiotics while traveling abroad multiple times in situations where  I was unable to replenish my gut microbiome. This led to an extensive and comprehensive 8 month long cleansing experience and in this time I also began to address the heavy metal toxicity acquired from childhood. Even though my mother had been telling me for my whole life that health starts in the gut, I finally really, I mean really, got it.

You were right Mom!


The cleansing turned to a full on lifestyle and today I look and feel healthier and more vibrant than when I was in my twenties.


Of course I learned a tremendous amount about healing protocols, diet and lifestyle shifts, herbal therapies and supplementation, but the most valuable lesson taken since the inception of this healing journey has been ADAPTATION.


With the ability to adapt in our quiver, a universe of possibility opens up to us in our bodies and in our minds.

Today I am not only an advocate of, but also LIVE the Adaptogenic Lifestyle. My approach includes incorporation of evidence based functional nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga/movement, breath work and practical, healthy stocking and organization of home kitchen ingredients  to cultivate a successful and nourishing formula for YOUR wellbeing.

I currently reside for 9 months of the year as a settler-colonizer in the revoked treaty land of the Tabeguache Band of the Ute Tribe now known as Grand Junction, Colorado, which is a valley situated below the sacred former Ute land of Thiguanawat (The Land of Departed Spirits) and is today called The Grand Mesa by white settlers. The other 3 months I live in the small pueblo of El Chorro in the Sierra la Laguna mountains of Baja. 

I am available for in person consult/sessions in Grand Junction or via Skype/phone. 

Be well,


If you're ready to begin your personal transformation with the Adaptogenic Lifestyle click here to book a free discovery consult.  


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