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BAJA 2023








for WILDwomen




Are you short on time to tend your living sanctuary||body||spirit through nature and nurture?  

Do your feet long to be unleashed in the winter season and feel warm earth beneath them?

Now ask yourself.......How do you inhabit the Temple of You? 

Are you a wild woman? Perhaps even a tad feral?

Do your heart and your body yearn to step out of the rhythms of domestication and into the rhythm of the natural world? 

The world of cycles your feminine body is instinctually attuned to and the waters of which it thirsts for. 

Yeah, me too. I absolutely relate. 

Can you exist comfortably, thrive even, without a flush toilet, but relish in soaking in natural hot springs and swimming in crystal mountain pools? 

Are you a sturdy hiker with a love of carrying your home on your back and listening to the song of 1000 frogs singing you to sleep? 

Does the concept of the synthesis of answering the call of your wild heart and being guided through a carefully curated, personalized experience with The Adaptogenic Lifestyle cause the sinews of your untamed essence to come to life and cry, 

"Oh, hello!"

If all of this is a big huge YES!, you are invited to join me in the natural magic and wonder of the Sierra de la Lagunas in Baja California Sur and walk the ancestral mountain pathways while you inhabit and integrate your Adaptogenesis (beginning, development and transformational journey toward adaptive and optimal health and wellbeing.)

Each winter I have space for 2 wild women who are seeking to either begin or go deeper into

creating optimal health and wellbeing - women who have a primal voice reminding them that immersion in nature is the nucleus of this experience. 

Because I understand that we all have a unique biochemical blueprint with differing nutritional and lifestyle needs, there is no ONE design for this experience. 

We will craft this together before your arrival in Baja with an initial assessment and intake so as to determine the best course of action for your immersion experience.   

YOU are a living sanctuary and tending to your temple grounds is the birthright of ALL women. 

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."

                                      ~Kahlil Gibran

What  your immersion includes:

•initial intake and assessment 

• transportation to and from San José International Airport to El Chorro

with a stop at the San José La Comer for snack and personal item shopping

•bell tent w/ bed glamping accomodations

•delicious creative meals made based on your nutritional needs: this is a participatory meal prep and cooking experience with lots of local organic produce and other healthy supportive ingredients

•trip to a local organic farm to get our veggie supply for the week

•supplement recommendations for you to bring

•one hour daily check ins for questions, reflections, instruction

•nutritional protocol development for you to take home 

•one personalized yoga nidra (guided meditation) practice

•one personalized yoga/movement therapy session

•soaking in local natural hot springs

•local wild food/foraging and/or plant medicine wildcrafting experience based on what is currently in season

•3 day/2 night guided backpacking experience in El Chorro Canyon 

OR day hikes if this is preferred over backpacking. 

•An optional beach visit can be arranged for an additional fee if day hikes are preferred over backpacking. 

•follow up consult within three weeks of your return home

•25 % discount on Adaptogenesis botanical product package: 1 Rise Elixir, 1 Digestive Bitters, 1 Cardon Cactus Flower Essence & 15 % discount on other products. 

•dog and kitty snuggles

What you provide for yourself:

•airfare to and from San José International Airport

•personal camping/backpacking items: sleeping bag, ground pad, tent, backpack, headlamp, etc. 

•suitable clothing/shoes for casual wear and wilderness travel

•warmies for the evening--Baja evenings can be cool. 

•a sarong is highly recommended 

•personal hygiene items: shampoo, soap, sunscreen, etc. 

•your favorite hiking snacks: bars, meat sticks, nuts, etc. 

•journaling materials // journal, pens, colored pencils, etc. 

•entrance fee to El Chorro canyon (approx $3.30 for day use/$6.50 for each night spent in the canyon)

•travelers insurance-highly recommended

•an understanding that this is not a "spa/boutique" retreat and a willingness and genuine desire to be in a rustic setting in a rural Mexican village


The pueblo of El  Chorro is located at the base of El Chorro canyon in the foothills of the Sierra de la Lagunas. El Chorro translates as "flow, stream" and in this case I have been told means "where the water comes out."

This area is a biosphere preserve with a diverse ecology of flora and fauna that is protected by the Mexican government. At this point you are about 7 miles from pavement in a village of about 40 people. A short walk from the park gate, thermal hot springs greet you with a warm hug and invite you into the canyon. The canyon is a long ribbon of granite boulders, pristine pools and waterfalls and it takes multiple days to reach the "top."

One rarely encounters other humans after hiking an hour or so up the canyon. 

The mornings bring sounds of villagers singing, Mariachi and Norteñas, cow bells and birds. Roosters crow, burros bray and dogs perform their concert. In February, the mighty cardon cacti begin blooming and the air is filled with the ambrosia of the delicate acacia flowers. The area is a tropical dry forest, so while it has plentiful vegetation, it still has the dry desert climate in the winter. 

The trails in the canyon are the ancestral pathways of the old rancho culture of the Sierra. This canyon is unique in that the trails are there, but the path is not always clear unless you know what you are looking for. I have put in weeks of walking time to learn these trails and the canyon herself is reminiscent of a mysterious woman who asks  you to patiently study her ways in order to know her soulful depths. And what she reveals to you in time are the things that only the wild at heart can know. 


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This intimate one on one immersion is available to just 2 applicants per winter season in order to create a fully immersive experience in the following months of personalized coaching. 


A $750 non-refundable deposit secures your space. 

The final payment is due December 10, 2022. 

2  Spots Only

$750 deposit due upon booking 
& remainder due
December 10, 2022


Abbie has 20+ years of navigating the

backcountry as a

rock climber, skier/snowboarder, hiker/backpacker, bowhunter

and explorer in various terrains in

North, Central and South America and

keep a Wilderness First Aid Certification. 

She looks forward to meeting the wild women who 

are seeking a style of

soul journey and embodiment  practice

which hones their adaptive nature


feeds their hunger for 

authenticity, vitality and adventure. 



Portland, OR

After starting the ALOW program, I decided to do the Baja Immersion. Abbie Did a comprehensive intake and individualised the program for my needs.  I love that it is focused on real whole foods. I was well nourished and have continued this way of eating since completing the program. 
The trip itself was amazing. We visited a local organic farm to gather our produce for the week. It was a participatory week where Abbie coaches on meal prep. 
In addition to the amazing food, each morning that we were at “base camp”, we walked a few minutes to a soak in gorgeous natural hot springs to promote detox. 
Several days were spent hiking up a remote canyon and camping in a rock cave where we cooked on a open fire.  We jumped in icy cold crystal clear pools to cool off. 

The immersion is for wild women. Abbie’s place is a very comfortable “glamping ” experience with your own personal tent and cozy sleeping pallet. Don’t expect a spa experience, it’s really about being content with basic needs in a beautiful place. Abbie’s hospitality was perfect but she also serves as a role model , so also expect to be self-sufficient while learning about practical self-care and empowerment. 

Her sweet local rescue dogs also were an added therapeutic bonus with cuddles and entertainment. 

The whole experience left me feeling revitalised and motivated to step up my health and self care journey. I would highly recommend the Baja Immersion and would do it again and again!

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