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Cancellation by Adaptogenic Lifestyle Baja Immersion Participant

Due to the limited number of spots for this immersion each winter, the $650 deposit that reserves 

the participant's spot is a non-refundable deposit in the event of a cancellation. 

Should the remainder of the immersion investment not be paid in full by the due date, the participant forfeits their immersion spot and the deposit. 

Should the participant cancel once the immersion is paid in full a credit will be given minus the $650

deposit for an immersion the following year or for nutritional consulting at full price (not introductory pricing). This credit is good for one year. 

Cancellation by Adaptogenesis

In the unfortunate event that a cancellation occurs on the end of Adaptogenesis, the $650 deposit will be applied toward the 3.5 month ALOW nutritional consulting program (since work has already been put into this piece of the immersion) and the remainder paid will be fully refunded. 

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