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I'm all about Rise Elixir! As a professional athlete, I lead a high-intensity lifestyle with a lot of physical and mental stressors. Sometimes I notice these taking a toll as physical fatigue, other times I notice them as an inability to have a restful state of mind. I IMMEDIATELY noticed when I started taking Rise Elixir and it started with better sleep. I wake up feeling properly rested and happy.  It gave my body the ability to rest and reset, which carried over to improving performance in all areas of my life. While I notice the improvements as a professional athlete, they help me deal with general life stressors and be a better person in the world at large. I think people from all walks of life and areas of work could use help dealing with stress (both physical and mental), so I would highly recommend this product to everyone!

Angel C.

Professional Big Mountain Skier and

First Woman to Win "Best Line" Award from Powder Magazine


A year ago, I began looking for effective strategies to support a diet and lifestyle shift. As part of this, I had Abbie come "sweep" my kitchen. She explained this meant going through all food items and removing what was old, expired, and ultimately did not set me up for success in making healthy choices. She would provide nutritional info and education as well. 


We went through cupboards and fridge.  We set up give-away boxes, a compost container, recycling, and a few things went into the waste bin. Then we worked!  It was great to remove old flours, grains, unhealthy, rancid cooking fats and other old items that had been forgotten in the shelves. 


The sweep removed the pressure of too much food!  The sweep un-stuffed the cupboards and fridge.  I can see every item.  In retrospect, I used to feel I had to eat more to make space in the kitchen.   Now I shop when the fridge is almost bare.  All the food is fresh and current, making it much easier to maintain consistent high-quality nutrition.

Barbara L.

Certified Advanced Rolfer, RN

Grand Junction, CO


Abbie’s ALOW program is a comprehensive and sustainable program and I now am on a clear path to thriving again.

The program looks at all aspects of life and history to determine the cause of my symptoms. Abbie helped me understand how something that I was exposed to years ago effects my health now; and how to take control of my own healing through nutrition, supplements, movement and self-care.

The program provides written reports for the stages including research and in-depth information about what is causing the symptoms. She also encouraged me to get an independent blood panel (not part of the program but essential to inform my individualized protocol.

Abbie is very knowledgeable and uses her experiences in healing herself to meet you where you are. She practices what she preaches. She has a great sense of humor, she is real and will help you face your hard truths (if you are willing) and guide you on your own journey.

This program is not a short- term quick fix, where you are “on a diet” for a few weeks and then return to your old habits. It is truly a lifestyle evolution.

I am so grateful to Abbie for helping on this journey. I am not perfect, but for the first time in years, or maybe ever, I feel like I have found something that is helping me heal for the long term, that I can stick to. It is truly a lifestyle evolution. I loved it so much I signed up for Abbie’s Baja Immersion. The adventure continues!

Amy J. 

US Forest Service

Seattle, WA


When diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, I immediately had to come to terms with the reality that some or much of what was going into my body was out of wack. I confess to not paying attention to such things as good as I should have. I always felt that I could eat, drink, or ingest anything that felt good and I didn’t understand that at times it was making me feel bad. And then bad led to disease.

When I reached out to Abbie Jean she quickly helped me understand some of the complexities of digestive health and began to get me on the right track. She suggested strategic maneuvers to create an environment that cancer doesn’t like. Remove some foods, introduce others and add supplements all designed to reduce inflammation and create a good digestive environment. Her knowledge is deep and when challenged by new questions she has a voracious appetite for research that leads to useful solutions.

I’ve responded incredibly well to the initial traditional cancer treatments of chemo and surgery and this has opened new doors that weren’t originally options. I know for sure that Abbie’s help has paved the way for me to HEAL. I am forever grateful for her guidance.

Bill N.

Snow Safety & Avalanche Forecaster

Salt Lake City, UT


I came to Abbie with a myriad of issues not knowing if any or all were connected. After a VERY in-depth intake, we set some realistic goals and I started my journey! We ended up focusing on my GERD, chronic heartburn, and the PPIs I was taking daily that not only just treats the symptoms, it also inhibits absorption of the good things I was putting in my body. Through some trial and error, we weened my body of the PPIs and I started supplementing with more holistic methods. We also worked on healing my gut through some magical food medicine :) Even though this is just the beginning of my journey, I feel physically better, but even more importantly, I feel empowered with knowledge about my OWN body. I feel like I can go in and talk to my doctor, raise questions/concerns, rather than just listening and leaving with a big pharma prescription in hand. Please consider using Abbie's dedication, education and brilliance to start your journey to better health!

Sara Ann

Professional Wedding 


Denver, CO


I have been active for years, loved exercise for years and struggled with back and hip pain for years. I was a slave to cardio training. Being a believer in the “everything in moderation” theory, however, for the past six months I have made a concerted effort to add balance in my life. That included realizing that our bodies were not made to be “abused” without proper “restoration”. One very important balancing agent has been my Yoga Sessions with Abbie. Early in my journey dedicated to balance and restoration, I figured that yoga was something I should at least give a try. I quickly went from trying it, to loving it, to needing it. Abbie’s ability to teach me to access my breath & body in the appropriate ways has not only alleviated much of my pain, but has added necessary strength and flexibility to my body ~ a body which is growing older in years, but now growing younger in form and capability.

Celeste D.

Grand Junction, CO


Abbie's teaching is energetic, clear and precise. She artfully shares the tradition of yoga with her students.
Anthony Bogart
Author/Speaker/Teacher at Health and Freedom Yoga


I survived my time in the Vietnam War with the Marines in Khe Sahn & the spraying of the Agent orange defoliant that went to my liver 50 years later & I thank you so much for your wisdom & knowledge so I could beat this & be able to hopefully watch this beautiful granddaughter grow into a little lady! The VA doctor was so pleased with what you & I accomplished with my liver. The Dr told me my blood test was clear & no need for an MRI. I go to the Gym 3 times a week & it makes me feel great! I'll be seeing you at the market in town when you get back down [to Baja] & I might flex for you after 4 more month's at the gym!!! 
I want to thank you Abbie for giving me a second chance at life, thank you, thank you!" 

Mike K. 

Los Barilles, B.C.S., Mexico

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