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  • What is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner?
    Functional Nutrition Practitioners/Coaches focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of health concerns, rather than simply targeting symptoms and treating an endless cycle of putting out symptomatic fires. These practitioners use a combination of scientific research, functional lab test, clinical experience, and an understanding of bioindividuality to create customized nutrition and lifestyle reccomenations for our clients. We spend hours researching to connect the dots from your functional lab results, reported symptoms and your health history timeline in order get to the root of your health challenges. A Functional Nutrition Practitioner does not "diagnose" or "treat" health conditions, but instead uses functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle interventions to guide clients while they reclaim their bodily terrain to restoring balance and resilience so they can enjoy a lifetime of optimal wellness.
  • What is the Adaptogenesis approach to Functional Nutrition Consulting?
    The Adaptogenesis approach to functional nutrition takes into account an individual's unique biochemistry, genetics, and lifestyle to create personalized dietary and wellness recommendations that may include adaptogenic herbs and supplements to help the body adapt to stress and promote balance. This integrative approach addresses the root causes of health imbalances and aims to support optimal function of the body's systems with the goal being to establish resilience and vitality. This model takes into account that we can never fully remove ourself from sources of stress (biological, physical or cognitive), therefore learning to skillfully *adapt* is the most effective strategy to navigating a healthy, happy life.
  • There is a lot involved in getting healthy. Do I have to follow this program 100 % to see results?
    We all progress and make change at different paces. We will work together at a pace that is comfortable for you while still achieving tangible results. Remember that these programs are designed to set you up with the holistic tools and get you going on a health journey that leads to everyday lifestyle change. That journey does not end at the end of 3 or 6 months.
  • I am already working with a medical professional and/or am taking pharmaceutical drugs. Can I still work with you?
    Yes. This program will be designed to integrate any therapy you are currently on and wish to stay on. I research every medication/therapy you are on make sure there are no interactions with the program recommendations and in some cases the recommendations may improve the efficacy of your current therapies.
  • Why isn't clean healthy eating enough to resolve my concerns?
    Often times, we have reached a point where certain metabolic processes in the body are dysfunctional including digestive dysfunction, gut infections, mitochondrial dysfunction, genetic mutations and hormone imbalances. For example, if you are experiencing digestive dysfunction, it doesn't matter how pure your food is, if you cannot break it down, absorb and assimilate the nutrients, it doesn't matter how good the food is. Clean diet is an essential ingredient for a healthy life, but it is still just one facet of a holistic picture to optimal wellness.
  • Do I have to keep taking my medications?
    YES. Discussing the possibility of weaning off your medication is a conversation to have with your doctor. I am not legally or professionally authorized to implement the cessation of prescription medications. Discontinuing the use of your medications without the approval of a licensed medical professional could have serious implications for your health. As a functional health coach, I do not "diagnose" or "treat" any condition or prescribe any therapies. For example, a doctor can diagnose and treat your symptoms by offering therapies and medications which will alleviate the symptoms of your condition. A functional health coach will look for holistic strategies that will return your systems to a functioning place ie: restore gut lining, microbial diversity, mitochondrial health, digestive acid and enzyme production.
  • Do you work with people remotely?
    Yes, I work with people across state and international lines via Zoom, phone and email. Within the US, labs and supplements can be ordered and drop-shipped to your door. All labs will have pre-paid shipping labels for return to the testing facility.
  • Are your services covered by insurance?
    This depends on your provider and doctor's recommendations. For those whose doctor recommends they see a nutrition professional, depending on the provider, you may be able to get certain consulting services covered. As a health consultant, I do not provide insurance billing, but I can give you an invoice for services that can be submitted to insurance. In many cases, lab fees can be paid for with an HSA (health savings account). I have several clients who have successfully paid for lab fees and lab consulting services with their HSA. Functional lab tests and assessments are considered "alternative medicine" and often times are not covered by insurance providers. Adaptogenesis services and lab fees, however, are typically considered tax deductible if you itemize health care costs. Consult with a tax specialist to be certain.
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