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The Adaptogenic Lifestyle

Adaptogens are a class of herbs that, simply put, expand your range and ability to adapt.

These herbs create a store of resilient energy which helps our resistance to mental, biological, physical, emotional and environmental stressors through supporting normal metabolic function, counteracting the effects of aging, balancing and harmonizing bodily systems and increasing energy and endurance.

The adaptogenic lifestyle is one which embraces these core actions of the adaptogenic herbs and expands these strategies into a whole way of living.

These actions are reflected in how we design our kitchen access to healthy foods, understanding that nature itself is a grocery store of superfoods, cleansing and detoxing to support enhanced function and making personal movement and exercise choices that promote both physical and neurological ability to adapt and function in work and play.

A choice made to live an adaptogenic lifestyle is a choice to empower ourselves, place health and healing into our own hands and to ultimately grow and harvest a life that has solid roots yet fluid responsiveness to the world around us.


Ultimately, a choice to suck the marrow of life.

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