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This is a comprehensive program lasting 3-4 months that will guide and support 

you in living an Adaptogenic Lifestyle. 

You will not only learn "WHAT," but will be educated and motivated with "WHY" so that 

"HOW" becomes more accessible through understanding. 

This is truly self-empowered healing. 


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  • The Process:

    1. Intake: 2-4 hours

    •You will receive fillable PDF formatted intake forms via email including

     -health history

     -current oral therapies

     -readiness assessment

     -lifestyle and diet assessment (diet diary) 

    •Along with intake form analysis we will review any current blood work and hormone labs. 

    •Discussion of recommended lab testing that will help us facilitate understanding of your concerns and objectives. 

    *Please note, costs of testing are not included in this program

    2. Test Review: 

    If testing is applicable we will review your test results. 

    3. Personalized Adaptogenic Lifestyle Protocol Development:

    Your personal protocol development will take 3-3.5 weeks once all relevant info is collected

    including any recommended lab tests. 

    4. The Download: 1.5-2 hours

    This session will take you through your comprehensive personalized 

    Adaptogenic Lifestyle program. Here is where you will gain a thorough understanding 

    of your protocol, why these recommendations have been made and how they will lead to optimal health and how to implement this program. 

    5. Follow up support: 1.5 hours

    These sessions will begin 3-4 weeks after inception of the program.

    Follow up support sessions are for questions, program assessment and tweaks. 

    Sessions can be broken up into two 45 minute sessions or three 30 minute sessions. 

    6.Option for ongoing support at an hourly rate. 

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