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                        We will work together closely as a team to develop a personalized ALOW program designed

                     specifically for your health needs and lifestyle. 





                          What you can expect from the ALOW program

                      This program is 3 or 6 months in its entirety. We will work closely together in the first few weeks as 

                           as the intake information is filled out by you and sent in for review. A thorough intake session follows where I

                           I serve as your health detective gathering as much information to build a comprehensive understanding of

                           your health history. This will allow you to see the series of events that brought you to where you are and more                                          importantly, how to move toward optimal wellness. We will determine if any functional lab testing is necessary

                           for the most complete understanding of the root cause of your health challenges so your protocol can be

                           customized to your most specific needs. 

                           You will be supported via phone, video and email throughout your program.


I have been working with Abbie throughout the past 5 years to help support and treat what has been a lifetime of gut issues and imbalances that started in early childhood after my mom first gave me antibiotics. 

Abbie has played a vital role in helping to treat and support these imbalances and bring my body and immune system to a strong place. Today, I’ve noticed greater energy, better sleep, digestion through her guidance in nutrition and the influence of healthier lifestyle habits. Abbie’s extensive knowledge of gut imbalances, diet and healthy lifestyle goes far below the surface and is deeply rooted in modern day environmental concerns. She practices what she preaches and her knowledge is backed by her own lifetime of experience with health challenges while upholding a personal standard for health that goes far beyond average. She is an exceptional, deeply versed and generous human with a heart of gold to match her and her clients' guts. Thanks to Abbie, I am on track to a life of healthy digestion, immunity and overall health.

    Shaun Diaz, Cellist & Composer, CO


Abbie’s ALOW program is a comprehensive and sustainable program and I now am on a clear path to thriving again.

The program looks at all aspects of life and history to determine the cause of my symptoms. Abbie helped me understand how something that I was exposed to years ago effects my health now; and how to take control of my own healing through nutrition, supplements, movement and self-care.

Abbie is very knowledgeable and uses her experiences in healing herself to meet you where you are. She practices what she preaches. She has a great sense of humor, she is real and will help you face your hard truths (if you are willing) and guide you on your own journey.

This program is not a short- term quick fix, where you are “on a diet” for a few weeks and then return to your old habits. It is truly a lifestyle evolution.

I am so grateful to Abbie for helping on this journey. I am not perfect, but for the first time in years, or maybe ever, I feel like I have found something that is helping me heal for the long term, that I can stick to. It is truly a lifestyle evolution. I loved it so much I signed up for Abbie’s Baja Immersion. The adventure continues!

           Amy J., US Forest Service, WA



• Comprehensive health history intake

•Assess diet & lifestyle

•Symptom analysis via Symptomology Questionnaire

•Review eating habits

•Review sleep habits/quality

• Assess current medications and supplements: brand, amount,

   form, interactions. 

• Review existing labs (blood work and other medical tests) 

• Review other functional lab testing options that may be 

   applicable to your health scenario. 


Test Don't Guess

When it comes to certain health challenges, a test can make all the difference between getting to the root cause of your symptoms. 

Following the initial intake and assessment we will review what testing options may give us quicker more personalized answers on how best to design your program. Test options may include, but are not limited to:*

• Functional Microbiome Analysis Stool Test

• Fatty acids profile

• Genetic testing 

• Salivary cortisol profile

• Hormone profile: Urinary Metabolites

• IgG Food Sensitivity Testing

• Blood Metals Panel

•Mercury Tri Test: Hair, Blood, Urine

• Organic Acids (OATs) 

• Vitamin D 

*Note that not all of these tests will be recommended. Lab fees are not included in the program price. In the event a lab is determined valuable to run, but I am not experienced with the interpretation, I will refer you out to another practitioner for that particular interpretation. 


Once all the data has been gathered and organized, Abbie works behind the scenes for 2-3 weeks as your personal health detective conducting any necessary 

research and designing your evidence-based personalized protocol that includes: 

• Info packet on your main health concern

• Analysis of lab results **some of this may be conducted via video consult

•Personalized dietary recommendations

•Personalized lifestyle recommendations

• Personalized supplement recommendations for pharmaceutical grade 

  supplements at discounted rates. 

• Supportive resources and handouts 

• Recipes


In this 90 minute session we  will go over your customized protocol, make sure you understand your lab results and how your health challenges 

reflect certain patterns in your labs. You will gain understanding of how the recommendations provided in your protocol are going to help bring you 

back to a holistic place of balance, vitality and resilience. 


1.5 hours of ongoing consult support is provided after your program delivery through the end of the 3 month program. This can be divided into 3 30 minute sessions or 2 45 minute sessions as we see fit. 

Abbie is available via email for questions throughout the duration of the program. 


This program is the same as the ALOW 3 month, but there are  3 extra months of email and consult support. 

•2 30 minute consults/month

•unlimited ongoing email support

•ongoing customized adjustments of program if needed


      Email Abbie @ OR schedule your complimentary Discovery Call HERE. 

Can you work with me across state lines? 

We can absolutely work across state lines and in some cases across international borders.* The growing field of "telehealth" allows clients the flexibility to schedule and consult online. This makes for the most convenient and flexible platform for health coaching. 

Lab kits can be drop shipped to you and will come with pre-paid mailers for you to drop with either UPS or FedEx. 

After your program has been delivered we will review lab results and recommendations for supplements which you will be able to conveniently order in one place via Fullscript** at discounted rates.

**Fullscript is an online dispensary carrying pharmaceutical grade supplements which is highly trusted by health care providers and health coaches nationwide. 

*International consulting is possible, just without labs and ordering supplements via Fullscript. 

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