How to not eat airport food and arrive "arrived."

Do you feel "checked out" often after air travel? I love airports and air travel. I do not love airport/airline food. I have a full day of airplanes and airports tomorrow and I so dislike arriving to my destination feeling unsatiated or with inferior food in my belly considering air travel already stresses the body and immune system enough as it is with dehydration, oxidative stress, electromagnetic radiation and the shared air with folx who may be in varying states of compromised health. My hacks for this are to prepare some nutrient dense, satiating, easily transported homemade yum, carry a can of sardines for a boost of Omega 3’s and of course adaptogens, adaptogens, adaptogens! For this

Southern Comfort

We all need a little comfort food at times. However, sometimes that desire can lead us down a road of digestive woes. In my constant quest to be adaptive, I look for ways to make those foods, but in ways that align with healthy dietary choices. This latest meal launched me right into Southern girl comfort food heaven. This had many layers, but it was really mostly about the hushpuppies and mayonnaise. The meal in total consists of organic collard greens sautéed with red onion in humanely raised, additive free bacon fat; purple cabbage, carrot and pesto coleslaw; and gluten/corn free hushpuppies. And of course a little homemade 'kraut for probiotic love. The following is the recipe for the hu

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