Bear Medicine and Right Relationship

Last week just before we got our first hard freeze, I headed for my special spot in the San Juans to harvest the potent immune supporting medicine of osha root. This aspen garbed hillside, in its autumn cloak of orange-gold, is inhabited by one of the largest stands of osha I have ever met. And this is why, when there is a green light for harvest, I visit this stand of medicine each time deepening our relationship. Last year there was a red light….the dry summer left many osha plants holding onto their reserves and not sending up flower stalks and therefore no reseeding. I didn’t even bother to ask the plants that time. Their lack of white parasol petals told me all I need to know. I did

Hacking the unavoidable plastic fallout

Yes, it’s true, I like to rail on plastic and how it’s toxifying our bodies and our earth. And I hear you….plastic is everywhere, how can we avoid it and who in the heck can or wants to retreat to a cave in the Himalaya for the rest of time just to live a plastic free life? So I like to “hack” as many things as possible since escaping modern life is next to impossible. All those EMFs (radiation) from cell phones, wifi and other sources of radiation… Holy basil. Every. Damn. Day. It’s radioprotective. But I’m not here to talk about holy basil or adaptogens today. Today, it’s Indole-3-Carbinole. Indole what in the frickity frack? Ok, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, boy choy, kale, a

Sex, Stress and Cellulite

Disclaimer: This post is not intending to promote any unhealthy body image issues, just science. And it’s gonna get a little geeky. Cellulite, Yoga Nidra, Sex & Stress. Are they related? You betcha. But first let’s talk about cookies. The backbone of any good cookie is something that makes it sweet. Without sweet it’s not a cookie. And no, those savory things that are being called cookies are not cookies. Look up the definition of cookie. In the same regard, the backbone of our sex hormones is cholesterol. (Oh sweet sex..cookies and sex, healthy cookies and sex…I digress) Without enough cholesterol, sex hormones are a sad cookie. So, there’s this thing that happens when we are stressed an

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