I do not mask my values for business

Health is about wholeness. Mind, body, spirit. Health is about integrity. With ourselves and with others and with the earth. What we have seen this week is far from health, far from integrity, far from wholeness. My heart aches today to think of children huddled on cold cell floors behind wire. In a foreign land and now in the hands of foreigners, separated from the warmth, security and love of their families. Will they ever see them again? This is a terror and injustice that rips shreds from the heart of humanity. The following are the words of Kelli Love because she says it best. "Wake up call; The farmers and the people who are being deported, assaulted,and killed, are native to this cont

Weed pesto aka chock full of phytonutrients

Plantain, yellow dock and dandelion pesto. Backyard weeds blended with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, anchovies and olive oil. It was super good on dandelion fritters! #eattheweeds #wildfoodlove#foodsovereignty #foragedfood#nutrientdense #phytonutrients #pesto#functionalnutrition #adapt #resist#adaptogeniclifestyle

Shadow Ally

She is the mightiest. Both queen and grandmother. The tallest cactus species in the world whose flowers feed bees during the day and bats at night. The essence of her flowers can also feed our psyche and spirit as we encounter the shadows within ourselves and of others. She offers a transmutative property to shift our shadow into a source of strength and confidence. She guides us to recognize that the shadow of others is not their underlying essence. <<<<<<<•••••••••••>>>>>>> We are in a time when the injustices of the world are being illuminated in rapid fire succession. It can be overwhelming to say the least and straight up heartbreaking...the kind of heartbreak that can lead

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