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I do not mask my values for business

Health is about wholeness. Mind, body, spirit.

Health is about integrity. With ourselves and with others and with the earth.

What we have seen this week is far from health, far from integrity, far from wholeness.

My heart aches today to think of children huddled on cold cell floors behind wire.

In a foreign land and now in the hands of foreigners, separated from the warmth, security and love of their families.

Will they ever see them again? This is a terror and injustice that rips shreds from the heart of humanity.

The following are the words of Kelli Love because she says it best.

"Wake up call; The farmers and the people who are being deported, assaulted,and killed, are native to this continent. North America And South America used to have fluid trade routes where they shared food, seeds, medicine, crafts and technology. They were advanced civilizations that never needed to be tamed."

In coming here, they are doing what they have always done. These are our neighbors, vecinos y vecinas.. These are not our enemies.

We are guests on their homelands.

We have to do better.

For the health of humanity and the health of ourselves.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~J. Krishnamurti

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