Chipotle Coconut Fish Head Soup

Look, I get it, the sound of fish head soup, doesn’t exactly make most people’s mouth water. But have you ever actually tried it? This is one of the regular daily additions to my diet right now, in light of the current global situation we are in, to give my immune system an extra boost. And, it’s delicious! The fish head contains not only an impressive list of nutrients, but it also contains some of the most succulent pieces of meat—the cheeks, the meat around the eye sockets and jaw. Seriously, it’s fish tenderloin. So what makes it so nutrient dense? High levels of •calcium •iodine •omega 3’s •antioxidants •collagen •vitamin A It also contains selenium, iron, magnesium and zinc. Selenium

What The Media Isn't Saying About Coronavirus..

No, I'm not an expert on coronavirus, nor do I ever care to be. But I am well versed in keeping the immune system healthy. This is your first line of defense. Here's some basics that many people glaze over in our rush rush do all the things culture.... Numero Uno: SLEEP. Sleep is the best recovery and defense our immune system has. If you are concerned about exposure make sure you are getting plenty of quality sleep. If you don't think your sleep is getting you enough delta state, then practice yoga nidra--A LOT. #2 Hydration: Making sure you drink enough clean water is an easy cheap immune booster. It rids the body of toxins, helps keep elimination regular so toxins are moving out. #3

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