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Over the years I have been asked what exactly is in my (almost) daily juices smoothie. When I start to fire off the ingredients folks (understandably) go cross-eyed. So following is the officially unofficial reference list. Juice of celery, apple carrot, broccoli, cucumber, beet, ginger ... ....blended with soaked pumpkinseeds, chiaseeds, avocado, blueberries, the following greens based on availability ... kale, collards, parsley, mint, (from the back yard I forage) dandelion, purslane, lambsquarters. Added supplements: green banana flour (for resistant starch, prebiotic, fat burning properties), collagen peptides, calmag ( to help bind oxalic acid from greens/beets) and a little bit of stev

Not all that stings is bad

Sometimes what stings in life can actually be highly #beneficial .... #stingingnettles (#urticadioica ) offer us exactly this scenario. Nettles have properties which support #kidneyfunction #allergyrelief , lowering of #bloodpressure and #arthritisrelief with its' #antiinflammatory affects. In comparison to spinach, 10 grams of nettles contains 290 mg of #calcium and 86 mg of #magnesium compared to 10 mg and 8 mg respectively for spinach. Nettles make a great #teainfusion or can be cooked which mitigates the "needles". After a #foraging bounty of nettles and mushrooms in the #sanjuanmountains of #colorado I sauteed them with harvested #oystermushrooms , portobellos and zucchini over a sweet

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