Passion for Porridge

Porridge Season is here! This bowl of goodness fuels me for most of the day and when I eat it, it tastes like a relaxing bubble bath in the land of milk and honey. I add teff flour to quinoa for a thicker texture and cook with soaked pumpkin seeds and coconut oil as the base. Experimenting with spices is fun, but my favorite combo is turmeric, lavender, cinnamon, nutmeg and a pinch of salt. • I also cook in blueberries, add a touch of maple syrup and top with a raw goat milk chia pudding. What’s fueling your day?

Shake Your Turkey Tail

Some people find their jackpot in Vegas. I find mine on a rotting conifer. This is what my jackpot looks like...the exquisite velvet waves and earth toned rainbow of Trametes versicolor. Turkey Tail mushroom, the renowned immune booster, symbolizes longevity, health, spiritual attunement and infinity in Asian cultures. • • • In TCM, Turkey Tail has been used for centuries to clear damp conditions, strengthen the lungs, spleen and stomach and increase energy. It also contains prebiotics which feed our gut microbiome, specifically acidophilus and bifidobacterium, making them wonderful allies for healing leaky gut syndrome. • • • #turkeytailmushroom #medicinalmushrooms #mushroomforagin

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