Mamey Sapote!

#mameysapote , the fruit that is technically a berry. Originating in Central America and Mexico, this ornamental evergreen tree was cultivated by the #ancientmayans . It offers up a unique taste of a yam, almond and apricot combo as well as health and beauty #gifts such as #heart support and healthy #hair and #eyelashes ... the #vasodilator #potassium and #vitaminc and #vitamine help lower #bloodpressure and protect the heart from weakened blood vessels and #oxidativestress respectively. The mamey also improves #immune function and optimizes the #nervoussystem contributing to #moodstabalization with its complex blend of #nutients and powerful #antioxidants. They're super yummy in #smoothies

Making Traditional Injera (Ethiopian Flat Bread)

It's so much easier than one might imagine. Put 2 cups of teff flour into a glass or ceramic bowl and add water until consistency is somewhere between crepe batter and pancake batter. Ie: runny enough to spread around but not as runny/thin as crepe batter. Mix until smooth and then set aside with a cloth over the top for 2-3 days. DO NOT STIR OR DISTURB as this allows unwanted bacteria into the mix and can cause the growth of mold. As it ferments it will bubble a bit and gain a sour smell. This is when it's ready. NOW..... Stir fermented teff just before cooking. Heat a skillet and use whatever frying oil you like. I suggest coconut oil, grass fed butter, tallow or lard sourced from a free-r

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