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Making Traditional Injera (Ethiopian Flat Bread)

It's so much easier than one might imagine.

Put 2 cups of teff flour into a glass or ceramic bowl and add water until consistency is somewhere between crepe batter and pancake batter. Ie: runny enough to spread around but not as runny/thin as crepe batter.

Mix until smooth and then set aside with a cloth over the top for 2-3 days.

DO NOT STIR OR DISTURB as this allows unwanted bacteria into the mix and can cause the growth of mold.

As it ferments it will bubble a bit and gain a sour smell. This is when it's ready.


Stir fermented teff just before cooking.

Heat a skillet and use whatever frying oil you like. I suggest coconut oil, grass fed butter, tallow or lard sourced from a free-range, organic pig farm.

Pour into the heated pan and spread to desired size and thickness.

Cook on both sides till brown. The flatbread will remain slightly spongy and flexible.

Eat plain or heap on whatever sounds good.

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