Solstice Nourishing

Like many indigenous cultures, my ancestors, the Southern Italians, considered plants to have a sentience and consciousness. Likewise, many earth based spiritual traditions consider plants to be our ancestors, which is both actual science and animist rooted belief. Our nourishment comes from our ancestors. With the creeping dawn of Summer Solstice, this morning, I think back through this most recent solstice cycle, where I was at on the Winter Solstice (both physically and in spirit) and what are the lessons of this cycle— both personal and transpersonal. I was part way down the Baja peninsula, camped under one of my favorite ancestors, this massive, mighty Grandmother Cardon cactus. In

Next level watermelon juice!

Watermelon juice next level. Watermelon, like tomatoes, contain lycopene, the phytonutrient that gives it its red pigment. Phytonutrients are the plants defense system it makes in the form of bright colors. What protects the plant is also what can protect us. This is why it’s important to “eat the rainbow.” 🌈🌿🍓🍋 Lycopene has antioxidant, anti-cancer and restorative neurological benefits. Because it is delivered easier and better absorbed with fat, I added MCT oil to this juice. In addition, I added in whole lime chunks with skin (that’s where the concentrated anti-cancer flavonoids are) turmeric (anti-inflammatory) cardamom (digestive) and some fresh clary sage flowers for the

Functional food pranks

Do y’all remember this Halloween prank idea gone viral? Chocolate covered brussels sprouts. I laughed so hard when I first saw it. It popped up in my brain the other day and I started laughing again thinking about it in terms of actually being a functional food....because, well, it is. Chocolate and cruciferous veggies (kale, cauliflower, broccoli etc.) actually have some great things in common and the common ground of this is they are superfoods for heart health. And who couldn’t use a little more heart health these days? Both contain high amounts of polyphenols which act as dietary antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory effects. And it is coming to light more and more that inflammat

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