Frozen Pie!

I don't experiment that often with the raw food sweets, but I wanted to give it a try since the few things I have made are in the form of a ball. Tasty balls, but still just roundish lumps. Sometimes you just need a new shape to play with. So the result of a need for a new shape and a creative outlet turned into a frozen (mostly raw) pie using mostly locally grown and wild foods. The ingredient list is as follows: Sweet winter squash, avocado and raw cacao pie with acorn, coconut and amaranth crust and topped with a local raw honey sweetened puree of passion fruit and barrel cactus fruit. A dose of beta carotene, Vitamins A and C, healthy fats, complete protein and bee medicine all in pie

Cruciferous detox allies

I was gifted this beautiful bunch of Ethiopian kale (Brassica carinata) by the lovely Kitzia at Buena Fortuna Gardens, a living genealogy seed bank in La Ribera, BCS. This version of kale is new to me and I learned some things. It’s a cousin of kale, but technically it’s mustard. It has a wonderful mild flavor and is much nicer to eat and digest raw than other kales. Its flower is also a favorite of honey bees which is always a bonus to offer attractive food for our bee people. Kale, of course, is a cruciferous vegetable, relatives with broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy. Cruciferous veggies are a highly important part of our diet not just for the nutrients they pr

Growth Happens, do it your way

Give yourself permission to adapt. • “They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price.” ~Kahlil Gibran • • #adaptogeniclifestyle #patience #deeproots#transformation #jupiterinscorpio #kahlilgibran #growatyourownpacebutgrow

One for the witches

There was a time when women were burned at the stake for their knowledge and practice of plant medicine and other healing. Even in these modern times there are those who would rather this knowledge be unavailable and that the people are not empowered to take their health and healing into their own hands. The plant world is rich in phytonutrients and compounds which build, tonify, support and strengthen our bodily systems and I believe it is our birthright to know and access our plant allies. Here is one for the modern day witches, healers, herbalists. We are still here. We are not going anywhere. ///////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ~~~~~~~~~\/~~~~~~~~~ The run around. A glib, bifurcated tongue

More acorn and local food love

It’s important to stay healthy and get nutrient dense foods in these crazy times. And I'm still geeking out on acorns! Today I made basil, acorn, pumpkin and sunflower seed crusted nopales (prickly pear cactus) on a bed on local Miraflores organic greens with raw milk rancho fresco queso. There was some leftover crust mix so I added the rest of the egg, a little Carmenere wine and some baking powder to make a little savory fry cake for the side. Garnished with El Chorro limes and dried mango and Baja olives. Nopales are known for their high mineral, vitamin, antioxidant and fiber content. And as always, acorns are a free, wild complete protein. • • • #bajafresh #eatacorns #acorns

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