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Frozen Pie!

I don't experiment that often with the raw food sweets, but I wanted to give it a try since the few things I have made are in the form of a ball. Tasty balls, but still just roundish lumps. Sometimes you just need a new shape to play with.

So the result of a need for a new shape and a creative outlet turned into a frozen (mostly raw) pie using mostly locally grown and wild foods.

The ingredient list is as follows:

Sweet winter squash, avocado and raw cacao pie with acorn, coconut and amaranth crust and topped with a local raw honey sweetened puree of passion fruit and barrel cactus fruit. A dose of beta carotene, Vitamins A and C, healthy fats, complete protein and bee medicine all in pie!

I pureed the squash and avocado with cacao and honey. Then I poured it atop a crust of acorn flour, coconut flour and amaranth that I mixed with melted grass-fed butter and a little salt. I let the pie set up a little in the freezer and then spread the puree of passion fruit/barrel cactus fruit on top. I made that puree by slightly cooking the fruits, pulling from the heat and adding some honey.

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