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What The Media Isn't Saying About Coronavirus..

No, I'm not an expert on coronavirus, nor do I ever care to be. But I am well versed in keeping the immune system healthy. This is your first line of defense. Here's some basics that many people glaze over in our rush rush do all the things culture.... Numero Uno: SLEEP. Sleep is the best recovery and defense our immune system has. If you are concerned about exposure make sure you are getting plenty of quality sleep. If you don't think your sleep is getting you enough delta state, then practice yoga nidra--A LOT. #2 Hydration: Making sure you drink enough clean water is an easy cheap immune booster. It rids the body of toxins, helps keep elimination regular so toxins are moving out. #3 Good Old Vitamin C. Supplement if you have to. Not just if you feel sick, but now as a preventative. **ESPECIALLY if you are undergoing any stress. Stress depletes our reserves of Vitamin C. As does smoking. #4 Work with adaptogens like astragalus. **(Contraindication: If you already have an acute infection do not use astragalus, wait until the infection passes.) But many of the adaptogens have immune boosting qualities and in general since they make our stress response center more adaptive and resilient, you will not get as worn down by stress which can weaken the immune system. # 5 Eat your broccoli!!!! and all the other cruciferous veggies. A LOT. Like multiple times a day a lot. Not only are they important for detox, but they contain many important vitamins and anti-oxidants that boost immunity. So yeah, take precautions like not licking public door handles and whatnot, but really it starts at home, in your home temple of your body. Be well y'all.

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