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Hacking the unavoidable plastic fallout

Yes, it’s true, I like to rail on plastic and how it’s toxifying our bodies and our earth.

And I hear you….plastic is everywhere, how can we avoid it and who in the heck can or wants to retreat to a cave in the Himalaya for the rest of time just to live a plastic free life?

So I like to “hack” as many things as possible since escaping modern life is next to impossible. All those EMFs (radiation) from cell phones, wifi and other sources of radiation… Holy basil. Every. Damn. Day.

It’s radioprotective.

But I’m not here to talk about holy basil or adaptogens today.

Today, it’s Indole-3-Carbinole. Indole what in the frickity frack?

Ok, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, boy choy, kale, arugula….basically all the cruciferous veggies contain Indole-3-Carbinole, which is a negative regulator of estrogen. Estrogen in any form has to be detoxed out of the body like any other hormone.

This is a positive negative.

All those plastics contain chemicals that leach into your food that are known as xenoestrogens and these puppies are many fold stronger than estrogen and they really need to be detoxed out. (You could also stop or significantly reduce food storage in plastic as another mitigation strategy.)

And I feel ya peeps, that take out coconut Thai soup is so freaking good sometimes at the end of a hard week when all you want is foods and good moods. So yum! ….some xenoestrogens with your tom kah gai.

But still those evil xenoestrogens gots to go.

So eating lots of cruciferous veggies on the regular is a hack for the unavoidable toxicity from plastics. The Indole-3-Carbinole in them helps our detox pathways move out these harbingers of micro penis, breast cancer, PCOS, depression, weight issues and a host of other conditions.

Any time I work with someone on a detox program, plentiful amounts of cruciferous veggies are a part of the program.

But remember y’all, detoxing is not something that all of a sudden happens one day when you decide to start downing a bunch of green juice.

Your body is always detoxing. Every. Damn. Day.

So giving it all the help you can, is part of how to stay vital and well in an ever increasingly toxic world.

Be well folx.

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