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Mushroom mint chocolate milk

Look, I couldn't have ice cold chocolate milk when I was a kid because I was "lactose intolerant." And I really wanted it, craved it. Turns out I am pasteurized, homogenized, antibiotic, growth hormone, overly sterilized intolerant.

Wonder for how many of us this is actually the case?

I drink raw goat milk every day and I like to rewrite stories.

So here's my "I'm a grown ass woman, I can have what I want" rewrite of ice cold chocolate milk:

Mushroom mint chocolate milk

•raw goat milk (yay local farmers, support 'em) •2 Tbs of concentrated mushroom decoction (red belted polypore-anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic, immuno-modulating) You can also use any favorite dual extracted mushroom powder. Please do not use raw un-extracted mushroom powders. •3 Tbs cacao powder •Fresh mint •Cinnamon •Turmeric •Monk fruit sweetener •1/2 Tbs MCT oil

Blend with ice.

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