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My first acorn creation!

Bacon, date, acorn crumble.

This wheat free creation was made with hot leached acorns, teff and coconut flour, Baja dates, oats, sugar free bacon from humanely raised pigs, grass fed butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little bit of piloncillo. Acorns are a complete protein food, available to anyone in the vicinity of oaks for free and are relatively easy to process.

This is an evolving learning process for me, so stay tuned for more details on collecting and processing acorns. There are also many great resources already out there on this process starting with Farmer's Almanac and beyond. #foodsovereignty #freefood #wildfoodlove #completeprotein #functionalnutrition #adapt #resist #ancestraldiet #ancestrallifeways #adaptogeniclifestyle #eatacorns #urbanforaging

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