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Strategies for Adapting

Soothing the water element. Scorpio is deep water infused with the fluids of earthly existence.

Bone marrow deep.

With Mars in Scorpio, this viscous brew churns in subterranean rhythms and tempests. My go to yogic coping strategy during this transit is to activate the bladder and kidney meridians for harmonizing the flow of the water element. The Kidney Meridian has a crucial affect on adrenal function. Whether you are using this transit to do transformative inner work or just trying to keep your head above water in these wild times, supporting and optimizing adrenal function is critical to forward movement. Using a tightly rolled yoga mat, I sit in Hero’s Pose with the mat right behind the knees. And then move it down 1/3 of the calf and then down again 2/3 of the way down the calf creating a deep and stimulating massage for multiple points along both meridians. I sit for 2 minutes at each station.

This simple but deep practice has ushered me back to centrality and mission multiple times since the scorpion has become charged by its ruling warrior planet.

Crystal waters in Baja canyons only serve to enhance the sweetness and efficacy of this practice. 🌀🌵💦☀️🌀 #yoga #marsinscorpio #howwedo #copingskills #whatsinyourquiver#chooseyourpatterns #herospose#waterelement #kidney #bladder#adrenalhealth #meridians #adapt#adaptogeniclifestyle #baja #canyon#waterfalls #elchorro

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