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More acorn and local food love

  • It’s important to stay healthy and get nutrient dense foods in these crazy times.

  • And I'm still geeking out on acorns!

  • Today I made basil, acorn, pumpkin and sunflower seed crusted nopales (prickly pear cactus) on a bed on local Miraflores organic greens with raw milk rancho fresco queso. There was some leftover crust mix so I added the rest of the egg, a little Carmenere wine and some baking powder to make a little savory fry cake for the side. Garnished with El Chorro limes and dried mango and Baja olives.

  • Nopales are known for their high mineral, vitamin, antioxidant and fiber content.

  • And as always, acorns are a free, wild complete protein. • #bajafresh #eatacorns #acorns#completeprotein #nopales #local #organic#functionalnutrition #wildfoodlove#foodsovereignty #foragedfood#nutrientdense #adaptogeniclifestyle#eatlocal #ancestraldiet #ancestrallifeways

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