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One for the witches

There was a time when women were burned at the stake for their knowledge and practice of plant medicine and other healing.

Even in these modern times there are those who would rather this knowledge be unavailable and that the people are not empowered to take their health and healing into their own hands.

The plant world is rich in phytonutrients and compounds which build, tonify, support and strengthen our bodily systems and I believe it is our birthright to know and access our plant allies.

Here is one for the modern day witches, healers, herbalists.

We are still here.

We are not going anywhere.



The run around. A glib, bifurcated tongue halts the voices of tremoring aspen. Wait! Fingertips on powdery bark- and warpaint marks an ancient declaration of allegiance— No shadowy succubus here. Disbelief bellows furious. Argue these primal moments with stamping hooves and vacant eyes… You will only find dismissal from the river nymph. Sleek pebbles describe the path to water’s edge, And she wades into a current which Disbelief cannot see. Downstream, dreams reawaken in circuitous tones And broken shell teeth gnash and grind, clenching broken bone ways So tightly that the marrow dries and the nymphs of wind and dry desert erode these broken bones to meal… Nutrients that will grow the remembrance.

Artwork from unknown internet art. A depiction of La Lechuza. This comes from the Mexican legend of a woman/witch who was murdered for practicing her knowledge and comes back as an owl witch. There is a long history of owl goddesses throughout many cultures including Innana, Lilith, Hecate and Athena. #poetry #witchylife #witchyart #resist#ancestrallifeways #medicinemakers#canttakeusdown #lalechuza #owlmedicine

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