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There's Mushroom for Understanding

The fungus is among us and it is a hot item these days.


Are you throwing away your resources on expensive mushroom powders?

Medicinal mushrooms are a trendy item on the market these days popping up in all kinds of eye catching hip packaging, selling us the idea of mushroom powders in our morning latte or smoothie. I’ve even seen well meaning nutrition/healthy living people and clinical herbalists plugging these products. BUT there is something you need to know. If the product you are using is a raw mushroom powder and not an extract you aren’t really getting anything from this and in fact, for some, may cause digestive upset.

Many companies are selling exactly this. Mushroom powder. Not mushroom extract powder.

This is a HUGE difference. The beneficial polysaccharides and triterpenes of medicinal mushrooms are locked into the cell walls of mushrooms which are made of chitin.

Chitin is not bioavailable to our digestive system for absorption unless it has been broken down and the beneficials components are extracted. The polysaccharides (specifically beta glucans) come out with hours of hot water extraction and the triterpenes only come out in an alcohol extraction.

So sprinkling some unextracted chaga powder in your morning smoothie is the equivalent of putting a spoonful of expensive dirt from a pretty package in your breakfast and expecting an array of health benefits.

But these companies aren’t telling you this.

They post recipes on their websites for mushroom smoothies and sell an unextracted powder in expensive cute containers.

Not that you can't get benefit from these powders, but it's not that simple. You will need to extract them in hot water and alcohol yourself to actually get all that mushroom goodness.

Some companies will at least do hot water extraction (it’s the cheaper extraction method) but this is only part of the story. To get full spectrum benefits from a medicinal mushroom you need a product that had been dually extracted in hot water and alcohol. Please do your research before spending your resources. You can email the company and ask about their process. Chances are if the product does not claim “extract” it’s just a raw mushroom powder that will not really do anything for you unless you extract it yourself. Look for products that say “Dual extraction.”

If you are looking specifically for just mushroom medicine, Real Mushrooms, Lost Empire Herbs, Surthrival and Four Sigmatic are companies that offer dual extracted products.

The Adaptogenesis Rise Elixir contains dual extracted mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms are a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle, it’s just important to understand the product you purchase and how to use it. #medicinalmushrooms #mushroompowder#vs #mushroomextract #informedconsumer#truth #adaptogens #adaptogeniclifestyle#adaptogenesistherapies #dualextraction

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