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Sex, Stress and Cellulite

Disclaimer: This post is not intending to promote any unhealthy body image issues, just science. And it’s gonna get a little geeky. Cellulite, Yoga Nidra, Sex & Stress. Are they related? You betcha.

But first let’s talk about cookies. The backbone of any good cookie is something that makes it sweet. Without sweet it’s not a cookie. And no, those savory things that are being called cookies are not cookies. Look up the definition of cookie.

In the same regard, the backbone of our sex hormones is cholesterol. (Oh sweet sex..cookies and sex, healthy cookies and sex…I digress) Without enough cholesterol, sex hormones are a sad cookie.

So, there’s this thing that happens when we are stressed and our adrenals start making cortisol…cortisol turns into a greedy cookie monster. It starts using up all the resources (cholesterol) and doesn’t share fairly with the sex hormones. This is called the Cortisol Steal. Sharing is caring. Cortisol does not care.

And then without getting too geeky and keeping this sorta short n sweet…cortisol also grabs progesterone when it’s cranking. And when those progesterone levels drop something happens called estrogen dominance.

Now let’s talk about dogs. My neighbor in El Chorro had this dog named Liza May. Liza May was the harmonizer. When her other dog Girl would get assy with other dogs, Liza May would put her arm on Girl’s back and give her a soft low growl. Girl stopped being assy. Worked every time. Balance. Without Liza May now, Girl doesn’t get checked as much and gets a little more assy.

Progesterone is like this. When it’s there in force to balance estrogen there is harmony. When there’s not enough of it, estrogen is not getting checked and gets all dominant. When that happens, it gets assy. Literally. More ass. With cellulite.

Look, again this is not to shame anyone, this is just a thing that happens that is related to stress and I wanted to help folks understand the story behind it.

So, this is where stress reduction practices come into play. So we can play. Sex play, nature play, kid play, dog play, food play, art play. All play. Play is creation. Creativity is play. When there is stress, we lose sight of play. We lose sight of creativity.

Yoga Nidra is a stress management strategy. It’s an arrow in our quiver. Stress will come and go. It’s how we deal with it that matters.

So when you hear things like yoga nidra helps with hormone balance and weight loss and is good for adrenal health, my hope is that I’ve helped illuminate why exactly this is a thing. Because it is a thing.

A thing that at one point literally saved my life because if I didn’t handle my adrenal fatigue it was going to be the death of me.

So there ya have it folks.

Go git some cookies.

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